Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Owning gold gives you a private, safe haven for your wealth during uncertain times.

Owning physical gold is about keeping your money safe.

It’s about owning gold coins and gold bars as a physical asset, and keeping them close. Far from the prying eyes and grasp of bankers and bureaucrats.

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If gold isn’t money, why do Central Banks hold so much of it?

bank of England, the British central bank.

Investors hear the same narrative time and time again: Gold isn’t money. We’re told that in today’s global, digital marketplace, gold no longer has a place or a role to play. This narrative sounds reasonable. After all, we live in an age where we do our banking online and can even pay for our groceries … Continue reading..

In a world of negative interest rates, gold recovers a lot of its shine.

gold in a safe

I wrote recently about how governments around the world are waging war on cash. This war has too fronts. The first involves phasing out high denomination banknotes, like the $100 bill and the 500 euro note. The second involves banning cash transactions over a certain level. But now there is a third front opening up. … Continue reading..

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