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3 Places in your home NOT to hide your gold.

These three places have two things in common.

First, they are the three places most home owners hide their cash and valuables.

Second, they are the three areas in your home where thieves look first.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Bad hiding place #1: In your bedroom.

It’s where women keep their jewelry, and one of the first rooms a thief will visit after breaking into your home.

Strangely, in spite of the fact that the bedroom is an obvious place for thieves to search, people also hide their cash and gold their too.

Where do thieves look for valuables in a bedroom? In bedside tables, under the mattress, in clothes drawers, behind pictures and in closets.

No, don’t hide your gold in a shoe box on the top shelf in a wardrobe. And no, not taped or velcroed under or behind the drawers in your favorite drawer chest.

If you want to hide gold in a safe place, stay out of the bedroom altogether.

Bad hiding place #2: In the bathroom.

Bad idea. Many thieves toss bathrooms in search of drugs, prescription or otherwise.

If you have gold coins or small bars hidden anywhere in your bathroom, they’ll be found during that search for drugs.

And no, hiding gold behind the front panel of your bath won’t fool a determined thief.

Bad hiding place #3: The kitchen.

Absolutely not in the freezer, or in the fridge.

And no, using one of those diversion safes – which looked like canned products with secret hiding spaces inside – won’t fool a thief. You just have to lift and shake one of those to know something isn’t quite normal about the can.

Another problem with hiding gold in any kind of container in the kitchen is that you run the risk of a family member throwing it away by accident.

BONUS advice: Not in old electronic devices.

True story…a man had an old boom box on a shelf in his basement and hid a roll of gold coins in the battery compartment.

Not bad thinking in one sense. After all, who would look there for gold?

The trouble is, a thief did steal the entire boom box, thinking he could get a few dollars for it. Now imagine his delight when he got home and went to replace the batteries in the boom box!

The bottom line is…always think carefully before you hide your gold.

In particular, ask yourself whether a thief might look in a hiding place for some other reason – like looking for drugs, cash, jewelry or even a can of beer. Keep your gold away from all of those places.

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