Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Buying gold bullion is like establishing your own personal bank reserve.

gold reserves in your own bank

National central banks buy gold bullion for the security it provides. While currencies can become devalued to such a degree that they become almost worthless, that won’t happen to gold.

Gold prices may rise and fall, but they will never fall to zero.

In fact, at the exact time that paper currencies go into free-fall, gold prices typically rise higher and higher.

That’s why national banks around the globe are now buying gold bullion. It’s a safe haven. It’s a way to secure their wealth.

You and I can follow the same strategy.

This doesn’t mean converting all your wealth into gold. It simply means you should get into the habit of buying gold, and should increase your gold reserves gradually and consistently.

When should you buy? Buy your gold bullion, in the form of coins or bars, during corrections. It doesn’t make sense to buy at the peak. But even when gold is increasing in value consistently, as it is now, there are always pauses and corrections along the way. That’s when you buy.

Gradually, over the course of months and years, the gold reserve of your own, personal bank will become substantial.

Once that happens, you will be in a far more secure situation if and when things get worse in the world of paper currencies. Whether you are hit by unemployment, high inflation, massive interest rates or even social unrest, you’ll be able to dip into your gold reserve, sell some coins, and take care of yourself and your family.

Building your own gold reserve is simply to follow in a long tradition established by nation states, kings, emperors and the super-wealthy. They have always secured a proportion of their wealth in the form of gold bullion.

Now it’s our turn.

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