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To stop being a debt-slave, buy physical gold coins or bars.

physical gold coins

The banks maintain power over us by making sure we stay in debt.

For them, debt is a big money-maker. Look at your most recent credit card statements. Consider the interest you pay each month. That’s cash in their pockets and out of yours. Profit for them and loss for you.

Credit cards took off in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, even though some store cards, and the likes of the Diners Club card, have been around for a lot longer.

Credit cards took off because people’s checking accounts were tapped out. So to keep us buying, they gave us credit. Or, to put it bluntly, they put us deeper in debt.

By the early 2000s millions of people had reached the limits on their credit cards. The next move by the banks? Make it easier to buy mortgages, especially for people who don’t qualify. Anything to keep us spending and getting deeper into debt. And we know how that turned out.

And now we are seeing huge online retailers like Amazon offering credit. Rumor has it Apple will start soon too. Who manages their credit? The banks, of course.

To get out from being a debt-slave under the thumbs of the banks, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, pay down those credit card balances. Stop handing the banks a big slice of your hard-earned income each month.

Second, by using the money you are no longer giving away to the banks each month, buy some physical gold.

When you buy gold, you are taking some of your wealth outside of the banking system. Banks make money on every penny you keep in your accounts, even your checking account. But when you transfer that wealth to physical gold, it is out of their reach.

No interest charges, no fees, no hassles.

This is why banks never talk about gold. It’s also why investment advisors almost never recommend buying physical gold (no fees for them).

Remember, everyone – from the banks to retailers to investment advisors – are trying to get their hands on a slice of your money. Giving a store money for something you need to buy, like food, is fine. But letting any of them take your money through interest charges or fees makes no sense.

Handing over money for nothing is what makes you a debt-slave.

Owning gold is what transfers the power over your wealth from them to you.

About the author: DH Kenrick is a  student of world economics and a committed gold enthusiast. 

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