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zero trust in banks

Do I trust the government to protect my wealth and my retirement? Absolutely not!

zero trust in banks

In fact, the way I see it, it my duty not to trust any government, bank or financial institution right now.

I know some people reading this will be big fans of particular political parties, world leaders or presidential candidates.

Not me. I’m not a fan of any of them. I don’t trust any of them. And I certainly wouldn’t trust them with my wealth or my future in any way.

And here’s the thing… even if I were to decide I really admired a particular politician. Even if I believed that person to be honest and well meaning… How about the system of government? Can a well-meaning politician even make a difference these days? Or is the system they work within just too corrupt?

And I’m not just thinking of North America when I say this. I’m thinking of the entire world.

Look at the mess in Europe right now. Or in the Far East. Or in South America or Africa.

Which government would you trust with your money?

Come to that, which company or corporation would you trust with your money?

A lot has changed over the last few years, since 2008 in particular.

It’s like the lid has been peeled back, revealing the truth inside of both politics and business, worldwide.

And what we are seeing inside isn’t pretty. It’s a rotten, crawling and putrefying mess.

This is why I own gold.

It’s wealth outside of the system. Its wealth outside of the banks and outside of government.

When I hold a gold coin in my hand, it’s truly mine. It’s not the promise of a dollar or a Euro, like a bank note is. Nor is it the expectation of future money, like a share certificate.

Gold is real. This means I can keep it for myself. I can store it wherever I choose. I don’t need anyone’s permission for that. I can buy more or I can sell some. My choice all the way.

And the wealth I have when I own gold is not dependent on trusting politicians, political systems, banks or companies.

Finally, as the world’s political parties and systems continue to unravel – and that seems to be happening faster and faster right now – I can relax in the reasonable expectation that the value of my gold will soon start rising substantially. In other words, the more the world falls apart, the higher gold prices will rise.

The way I see it, as I look around at the state of the world, I have a duty to my family NOT to trust my government or my bank.

To truly protect my family, whatever the future holds, it’s my duty to protect and grow my wealth.

That means stepping back from government, banks and business.

And one of the very, very few ways for me to protect and grow my wealth under these circumstances, is to buy and store gold bullion.

I don’t want the promise of money – promises made by people and institutions I don’t trust – but real, physical, portable, liquid money I can depend on.

Which is why I continue to buy gold. And I think you should too.

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