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Can you own gold without actually taking delivery of the physical gold coins or bars?

Yes, you can.

There are plenty of people who would like to own gold as security against bad things happening to stocks and bonds, but don’t want to actually take delivery of the gold itself.

Until recently there wasn’t much you could do if you wanted to own gold without actually taking possession.In other words, they want to own the actual gold, but they don’t want to store it at home or pay fees to rent a safety deposit box at a local bank.

But today companies like BullionVault enable you to do exactly that.

You buy the gold and are allocated your share of actual gold which is stored in registered vaults. The gold remains where it is. You don’t have to handle it, insure it or ship it. The gold is yours, just as much as gold coin stored in your house is yours.

In addition, the fees and other costs involved in buying gold through a company like BullionVault are very low. When and if you want to sell some or all of your gold, the company finds another member who wants to buy gold, and the transaction is completed.

It’s not the same as actually taking possession of gold coins or bars, but it is perfect for some people who want to take advantage of a fast and low-fee way to own gold.

One additional benefit is that you can have your allocated gold stored in overseas vaults, in Europe or Asia. There is a good argument for keeping some of your gold outside of the country. For example, if the government decided to confiscate privately-owned gold – something the U.S. government has done before – your overseas gold would be safe and untouched.

If you choose to take this route, be sure to read all the information provided at Bullionvault.com. Buying and selling your gold there can be a great idea, if it suites your preferences. But the process is a little more complex than just buying a gold coin from a bullion dealer.

Another company, offering largely the same services, and also highly rated, is HardAssetsAlliance.com

Be sure to inform yourself before getting started.