Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

In a world of negative interest rates, gold recovers a lot of its shine.

gold in a safe

I wrote recently about how governments around the world are waging war on cash. This war has too fronts. The first involves phasing out high denomination banknotes, like the $100 bill and the 500 euro note. The second involves banning cash transactions over a certain level. But now there is a third front opening up. …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Warning: Why owning gold will soon be banned.

The an on cash and gold bullion.

There is a move by governments to move all financial transactions to the digital world. The first step in that direction is to ban cash. More specifically, to ban high denomination banknotes. To that end, the European Central Bank is talking about phasing out the 500 euro note. And former US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

2 Reasons why you should store some of your gold overseas.

Owning gold is all about protecting yourself and your wealth. It’s the money you keep outside of the banking system and out of reach of Wall Street. It’s about planning for the future and avoiding risk. It’s about coming out on top in the event of a catastrophic social or economic event. To achieve this …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

How to buy physical gold at the lowest price, and keep it safe and available.

When we think of buying physical gold, we naturally think of holding the gold in our hands and then storing it in a safe place at home, or at our bank. There is something almost irresistible about actually owning and touching the gold you buy. But that need to hold your gold in your hand …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

The intrinsic value of gold depends on who you are, and what you want.

Gold has a spot price value, measured in dollars. We can look at that each day and, recently, we can watch it rise and rise, seemingly with no end in sight.   But gold’s value isn`t always measured just in dollars. And that’s what makes it such an interesting, complex and sometimes confusing asset. For …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

How do you feel about your gold dealer asking for your name, home address and Social Security Number?

The Form 1099 reporting requirements are part of the new U.S. health care legislation. Starting in 2012 precious metals dealers in the U.S. will have to report to the IRS on 1099s all purchases of $600 or more from clients in a single year. Just to be clear, Form 1099 is completed not when you …