Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

If you own more gold than you need, trying eating it.

For most of us, owning gold is all about keeping it in a safe place, long term. Gold is something we save for, value and keep.

Of course, if one came across someone eating gold, it would be tempting to slap them and send them down to the local soup kitchen to do some volunteer work.

But how about consuming gold? Yes, if you are super-rich and have never heard of charitable giving, you can spend your money on drinks, food and cigars which contain pure gold.

But hey, who are we to argue with the billionaires of Wall Street?

Anyway, if you are having an acute episode of moral bankruptcy, you too can buy some food, vodka or a cigar laced with gold.

Start the day with a gold studded bagel.

gold bagel

And for a nice lunchtime dessert, how about a gold leaf sundae?

gold sundae

For a cocktail after work, watch the sunset reflected in the gold in your vodka.

gold vodka

And after dinner, what’s better than a nice gold-wrapped cigar?

gold cigar

Final questions.

Would you actually eat the gold in that bagel or sundae? Maybe I have too many bad memories of eating tin foil from candies as a child, but it just doesn’t strike me as being an enjoyable experience.

Same goes for the vodka. Who wants gold leaf caught between their teeth?

And what happens with the cigar? Does the gold melt and drip on your Armani suit? Or are you just inhaling metal vapors?

Photo credits: Delafee.com and Luxist.com