Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

How can I determine the value of gold coins?

The value of gold coins depends entirely on the kind of coins you hold.

If you own bullion gold coins, like the American Gold eagle, The Gold Maple Leaf or the Krugerrand, then you simply have to look at the spot price of gold for the day.

Then take your coins to a local bullion dealer and you should get close to the daily market price. It won’t be quite the same, as the dealer will take a small commission on the sale. But his cut shouldn’t exceed 5% of the bullion’s value.

If your gold coins are collectibles, then it’s a different story. Some of those bullion dealers will also deal in collectible coins.

The value of collectible coins will depend on their rarity, design and finish.

Knowing the value of a pure gold bullion coin is simple, and you’ll get a very similar quote, regardless of the dealer you visit.

But with collectible coins, the assessment of value will be a lot more subjective. So you should always try three or three different dealers and then sell to the one who offers the highest price.

In both cases, to get a reliable measure of the value of gold coins of any kind, be sure to go to reputable dealers. In other words, companies that have been around for a while and are clearly well established.

Do not go to dealers and buyers who suddenly appear overnight in a local mall. Nor should you sell your gold coins to jewellers.

Stick to established, specialist coin dealers every time.

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