Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Owning gold isn’t about investing, it’s about peace of mind.

Gold for peace of mind.

If you want to invest and make a return on your money, invest in the stock market. You can even invest in gold mining stocks if you want.

Owning gold is about keeping some of your wealth outside of the banking and investment systems.But that’s not what owning gold is about.

You own gold it to protect yourself in the event that something bad happens.

You keep your gold at home “just in case”.

Just in case there is a serious meltdown in the financial markets.

Just in case we are faced with complete societal collapse one day.

Just in case we face an emergency and want access to some of our wealth right now.

Owning gold is about peace of mind. You buy and own gold for the same reasons you buy an insurance policy.

But unlike a traditional insurance policy, you’ll never have to haggle with anyone to get your money. You won’t have to read the small print, or listen to some insurance agent telling you why they won’t pay you what they owe.

When you own gold, it’s right there in your hands. You can feel its weight and see how it shines.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to worry about the future. You don’t even have to believe that a financial or societal breakdown is likely. But you do want to protect yourself, just in case.

It’s the same as buying fire insurance for your home. You don’t think it’s likely that your home will burn down. But you buy the insurance just in case.

This is the thinking behind owning gold.

Isn’t not about investing to get a return. It’s about keeping hold of some of our wealth at home – just in case.