Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Owning gold as part of your retirement savings.

Gold retirement.

Traditionally, investment advisors suggest you place about 10% of your investments in gold. That’s old advice, and worked well for a long time. But times are changing.

How much should you put into gold?Think about that 10%. In effect, your advisor is saying, “Hey, if all your stocks and bonds go south, at least you’ll have 10% remaining.” Cold comfort indeed.

That depends on how well prepared you are for your retirement years.

Investing in stocks and bonds certainly holds more potential for growth.

So when you are younger, it makes sense to stick closely to the 90/10 rule

But as you grow older, and your nest egg has grown into a sizable sum, it’s time to balance growth potential with security. After all, if you have worked for twenty or thirty years, your mind will be focused less on growth and more on protecting your savings from risk.

It is for the security that you go buy gold.

You can buy gold coins or bars and store them at home, keep your gold in allocated storage with a dealer, or a combination of the two.

How much should you hold in gold? Speak with your advisor. But as you approach retirement age, there are good arguments for having 20-30% of your savings in gold.

As I said, as you approach the end of your earning years, your primary concern should be with the security of your savings, and to protect them from sudden volatility in the markets, or a total collapse.

And when it comes to security and certainty, gold is king.