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Which is the best home safe for storing your gold coins?

If you are considering storing your gold in a home safe, be sure the safe is up to the job.

Buy that I mean, be sure your safe can withstand a house fire, or the serious attention of a pair of professional thieves.

But dealing with professional thieves is another matter.Home safes are great for protecting documents and jewelry from amateur thieves, the kind who break in to steal cash and electronics.

Imagine you are on vacation for ten days, a pair of professionals break into your home, and have a couple of hours to find and empty your safe.

Will they find it? And if they do, can they break into it or remove it entirely?

The kinds of home safes you find in Wal-Mart or your local office supply store are usually not of a grade sufficient to deter a professional thief.

So if you are serious about storing your gold coins or bars at home, and not at a bank or with your dealer, then you need to get something a little stronger.

You will also want to ask yourself whether to buy a free-standing safe, or set a floor safe in concrete in your basement.

Free standing safes are less trouble to install, and can be bolted to the floor or a wall. But the fact that they are free-standing makes them very visible to a thief or intruder.

A floor safe that can be set into concrete is more secure. It’s almost impossible to remove and, better still, is easier to hide. The top of the safe is flush with the floor, so you can easily cover it with furniture, boxes or whatever can be used to hide the fact that you have a safe in your home at all.

Of all the options, a floor safe is the most secure, especially when set in concrete. If it is the basement floor, it will also escape most of the heat of a house fire.

Regardless of which type of safe you buy and install, the number one rule is to not tell people about it. Don’t tell people you store gold at home, and don’t tell people you have a safe.

To find a quality floor safe, you can either find a local home security company, or buy one at Amazon.com.

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