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A short history of the Mexican National Mint – El Casa de Moneda de Mexico.

In 1535, Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived in New Spain, along with a royal order issued by the Spanish Crown.

The coins were not only used within the boundaries of Mexico, but also found their way around the world. During this time, the mint established a reputation for manufacturing high quality coins.This royal order authorized and created the first Mint in America. El Casa de Moneda de Mexico would spend the next three hundred fifty years minting the silver and gold coins that would be used as currency in the country of Mexico.

In the early twentieth century, the mint expanded production to include minting commemorative coins. This tradition of minting both currency and collectible coins continues to the present day.

In addition to creating fine coins at the request of the Mexican government, the mint also offers competitive pricing for customers from all around the world.

The Mint of Mexico currently has a mission to produce and sell coins and medals of the highest quality to the Bank of Mexico, as well as other institutional and private clients.

The mint has a vision of contributing to the growth of the Mexico’s economy through their production and sale of coins around the globe.

The mint of Mexico takes great pride in its five centuries of experience. It currently strives to combine the experience of its workers with the benefits that modern technology can offer to continually improve its’ products and offerings.

Their current offerings also include a 1 kilo silver commemorative coin in honor of the Aztec calendar. This impressive coin features beautiful artwork on both sides.One of the special collections currently offered by the mint is the Diversion Cosa de Ninos. These coins show children playing, including a young boy flying a kite and a girl jumping rope.

The mint also continues to produce the 50 Gold Pesos, 2.5 Peso and the 2 Peso.

Admirers of fine literary works may also appreciate the coin honoring the 400th anniversary of Don Quijote of La Mancha.

Any coin minted by the Mexican mint is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, sure to be valued for its’ fine craftsmanship, as well as its bullion value.

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