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Your privacy is protected when you visit this site.

We don’t have a newsletter or forum, and don’t ask for your name or email address. I have no idea who you are!

That said, I do use a tool called Google Analytics to provide me with general data on how many visitors our site receives, how they arrived at this site, and which pages they viewed.

Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are small text files placed on your computer. (Just about every site you visit does the same.) Google uses those cookies to collect anonymous information on your activities when you come to this site. That’s how I can get those reports on how many visitors I get….and so on.

This is all anonymous. I couldn’t use Google Analytics to find out who you are even if I wanted to, and was a whole lot more tech savvy than I am.

Bottom line, your identity is completely safe when you visit this site.


Dominic Kenrick