Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Do I trust the government to protect my wealth and my retirement? Absolutely not!

zero trust in banks

In fact, the way I see it, it my duty not to trust any government, bank or financial institution right now. I know some people reading this will be big fans of particular political parties, world leaders or presidential candidates. Not me. I’m not a fan of any of them. I don’t trust any of …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

If gold isn’t money, why do Central Banks hold so much of it?

bank of England, the British central bank.

Investors hear the same narrative time and time again: Gold isn’t money. We’re told that in today’s global, digital marketplace, gold no longer has a place or a role to play. This narrative sounds reasonable. After all, we live in an age where we do our banking online and can even pay for our groceries …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

In a world of negative interest rates, gold recovers a lot of its shine.

gold in a safe

I wrote recently about how governments around the world are waging war on cash. This war has too fronts. The first involves phasing out high denomination banknotes, like the $100 bill and the 500 euro note. The second involves banning cash transactions over a certain level. But now there is a third front opening up. …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Why geopolitical change is a strong buying signal for gold.


If you just glance at the headlines, the world seems much as it was last year and the year before. A few wars, some trade disputes, ups and downs in the economies of various countries. Same old same old. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see the first cracks appearing in what will …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Why physical gold is probably worth a lot more than you think.

It would be reasonable to think that the price of gold is determined solely by the supply and demand of the physical product – gold bullion. But that is not the case. Most of the “gold” traded each day is paper gold, not physical gold. This paper gold is traded in the form of ETFs, …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

Turkey is paying for Iranian oil with gold bars carried over the border.

Since March of this year Turkey has exported $11.7 billion in gold bullion, over 90% of which was carried over the border on its way to Iran or the United Arab Emirates. What’s happening? Turkey is buying oil. Not with wire transfers or cash, but with gold bullion. They can’t buy Iranian oil through the …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

The intrinsic value of gold depends on who you are, and what you want.

Gold has a spot price value, measured in dollars. We can look at that each day and, recently, we can watch it rise and rise, seemingly with no end in sight.   But gold’s value isn`t always measured just in dollars. And that’s what makes it such an interesting, complex and sometimes confusing asset. For …

Bullion, the oldest reliable investment!

The demand for storage space in bullion vaults is rising.

You and I may not have to worry about finding vault space for hundreds of 400 ounce gold bars, but the growth in demand for secure storage for gold bullion is telling. As gold prices rise, high-wealth individuals and fund management companies with funds backed by physical gold, are having a tough time finding space …