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Around the world, where is gold found?

Gold is comparatively rare, which is one of the reasons for its high value. It occurs in varying rock and geological environments.

Leaders in gold supply fluctuate between South Africa, Australia, China, and the United States. The current leader is China. The gold in China is mined in the Shandong Province. As recent as January 21, 2010, a new proved gold reserve was discovered in a deposit in Shandog. The amount of gold metal in this reserve is estimated to be 12.6 tons! This would have a possible economic value of 1.19 billion yaun, which is approximately 371.88 million U.S. dollars.

There are four leading countries where gold is found in the world. They are China, South Africa , United States, and Australia. The primary and highest producing areas will change over time. As mines deplete or new mines are found, the largest sources may change.

In recorded history, 30% of all the gold mined in the last 120 years came from South Africa in the area called the Rand. This is in the Witwarstrand Basin in South Africa. Although South Africa is not the current leader in the world, it held that position from 1905 until 2007. Currently South Africa mines 10% of the world’s new gold. However, scientists have gauged that one-third of their gold resources lay unmined in this 9 million acres of ancient lake , potentially 1 billion troy ounces.

The United States is a leader in the world in the mining of the precious metal gold. The United States fluctuates in its number 3 ranking with Australia. The primary location of gold in the United States is Nevada, where there are 21 active mines. The gold mining in Nevada accounts for 74-82% of all gold found in the United States. Quite a few states will still allow you to pan for gold. If a discovery of a valuable, locatable mineral is made, you may stake a claim.

Gold is Australia’s second largest export. Western Australia is responsible for 75% of Australia’s gold production. 10 operations produce more than half of the gold in Western Australia. Queensland and Northern Territories are the other areas producing gold. In South Australia Olympic Dam Mine produces gold as a by product.

The primary locations you will find gold around the world are China, South Africa, United States and Australia. The other locations worth mentioning are Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Canada, and Papau New Guinea, and Ghana.